Become a certified expert in..
Become a certified expert in..
Old World finishing
Old World finishing
even if you have zero experience.
even if you have zero finishing experience.
The Old World Finishing Course
I Want to PERSONALLY invite you to join our world class training on old world finishing. Become a certified expert in under a week!
First 100 students receive private coaching
Loved By..
Hi, my name is Amy Howard.. 
After thousands of dollars and years of trial and error, I've developed an immersive program so that you too can become an expert in old world finishing. 

Applying the knowledge I teach in the course, I was able to create and build my brands that have lead the finishing industry for over 20 years.

Through my Old World Finishing Course, I will teach you how you too can become an expert in old world finishes in a fraction of the time and cost it took me.
The Old World Finishing Course Will Empower You To...
Master old world finishing techniques known by very few, and become a certified expert.
Create beautiful old world pieces and finishes for yourself, friends, or for clients.
Learn a repertoire of finishes to use on projects or to share with and teach others.
Network and connect with others in the Finishing School private community.
Reduce the learning curve that took Amy Howard 30 years in finishing to master.
Earn more by applying your new expertise to work with clients or sell pieces at 3-5x original value.
What You Will Learn Inside 
The Old World Finishing Course
Old World Gilding Finishes
 Poly-chrome finish
 Acid etching process
 Copper leaf technique
 Creating a verdigris finish
 Leaf accenting the right way
 The perfect leaf application process
 And more! 
Custom Wax Creation
 Adding depth with colored waxes
 Process for creating colored waxes
 Perfecting the wax application process
 Antiquing your pieces with colored waxes
 And more!  
Cracked Patina & Chippy Finishes
 Perfecting the patina application process for furniture, cabinetry, and accessories
 How to achieve the most authentic patina finish
 Creating versatility with layered colors using the patina finish  
 Amy’s secret pull technique to achieve the perfect patina texture
 How to manipulate your topcoat for the best chippy finish
 The patina waxing process to bring additional depth and authenticity
 Dust of ages application process for patina finishes
 And more!
Old World Toscana Finishes
 Using Gel Stain on raw surfaces
 Preparing Amy's patented Cracked Gesso
 Straining & applying Cracked Gesso
 Mixing a custom Toscana Milk Paint color
 Working with Antiquing Glaze
 Properly Sealing Toscana Milk Paint
 And more!
Old World Milk Paint Finishes
 Creating a matte Toscana finish
 Perfecting the layering process
 Mastering Toscana Milk Paint  
 Using Antiquing Glaze with Milk Paint
 Creating texture and fissure cracks
 Understanding The Oval Eye Track
 And more!
Old World Venetian Finishes
 Creating Venetian finishes
 Mixing and applying our Venetian Plaster
 Mixing Venetian finishes with old world Toscana Finishes
 And more!
Distressed Venetian Finishes
 Creating distressed Venetian finishes
 Creating Layered Plaster Finishes
 Burnishing and Distressing
 And more!
Plastering With Stencils
 Choosing the right stencils
 The plaster stenciling process
 Best places to apply the plaster and stencil finish
 And more!
Old World Wood Finishes
 Distress wood and age it with its own tannins
 Different types of wood you'll be working with, and what to expect
 Using waxes with your aged wood
 Buffing your finish to achieve a proper sheen
 And more!
"It is Amazing!" - Jennifer 
"Highly recommend taking it" -Kari
"She shares the secrets" - Jen
"Easy to follow" - Stephanie
"A technique for everything" - Rochelle
"Everything covered is phenomenal" - Trisha
What You Receive When You Enroll Today
($1,200yr/ Value) 
Old World Finishing Course 
Video Training
 10 Lessons with over 3 hours of priceless knowledge on old world finishing
 Highest quality content & video production on the market 
 Lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace & revisit anytime
($45 Value)

Old World Finishing Course 
Work Book
 Physical copy of our Old World Finishing Course, step-by-step book
 100 + pages that align with each of your video modules
 Perfect to use when taking your certification quiz
($1,200 Value) 
Private Coaching
 First 100 students get access to private coaching with Amy
 Coaching sessions will be held 2 times a month for 3 months
 Live coaching begins October 3rd, 2019 and all calls will be recorded.
Only 48 Spots Remaining
($925yr/ Value)

Private Community
 Access to our private Old World Finishing School Facebook group
 Network & collaborate with others in the course just like you
 Access to new courses & free beta test first
Old World Finishing Expert Certification
Upon completion of your video modules. Complete the expert certification quiz and have your certificate mailed to you!
Enroll Now & Become an old world finishing expert
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$3,370+ VALUE
  • ✔ Access To The Old World Finishing Course
  • ✔ Private Coaching With Amy Howard
  • ✔ The Old World Finishing Course - Workbook
  • ✔ Private Old World Finishing Community
  • ✔ Access To Expert Old World Finishing Certification
$3,370+ VALUE
  • ✔ Lifetime Access To The Old World Finishing Course
  • ✔ Private Coaching With Amy Howard
  • ✔ The Old World Finishing Course - Workbook
  • ✔ Private Old World Finishing Community
  • ✔ Access To Expert Old World Finishing Certification
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